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    By Anna Bailey

    In this weekly round-up, we will be curating the most interesting and influential news from the past week. We’ll talk about anything from politics to fashion to sports; anything where women are making waves and taking names, as well as the biggest news stories from across the world.

    Here’s what you need to know from this past week:

    Just Hillary Now:
    On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton at a New Hampshire rally. The long time coming endorsement now means that Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee for the November general election and all eyes are now on who she’ll pick as her running mate.

    Seriously, Stop Cat-Calling:
    A British county has labelled cat-calling a crime, registered now as a “misogyny hate crime.” According to a survey done by U.K organization End Violence Against Women, nearly 85% of U.K. women under age 25 have experienced cat-calling. The newly appointed Chief Constable said this is the first step in “tackling misogyny in all forms.”

    Finally an athletic apparel store recognizes that plus-sized women work out, too! NikeWomen’s instagram posted a photo of plus-sized model Paloma Elsesser wearing a Nikebra, with no mention of her size.

    Around the World:
    Once again the world is rocked by tragedy. During the annual Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France, a truck driver plowed through the crowded celebration killing at least 84 people and wounding so many more. A day later, a couple thousand miles away, Turkish military personnel attempted a takeover with President Erdoğan was away. While the coup failed, it caused fear the spread through the government. Nearly 3,000 judges were fired, 31 of those being senior justices, and 6,000 people were arrested.  

    Men Aren’t Funnier Than Women:
    The highly-anticipated remake of the original Ghostbusters, with an all-female cast, made $46 million at the box office this weekend. Many fans of the original movie have vowed they wouldn’t spend money on the new feminist remake, but critics actually like the reboot.

    Emoji for Me, Emoji for You:
    If you didn’t see Google’s front page or the hashtag on Twitter, Sunday was World Emoji Day and in honor of such an historic day, Google launched over 300 new emojis “to help better represent women.”  Long are the days of using yellow, white and begie skin-toned girl emojis, now all light skinned and dark skinned black women have emoji representation. These emoji women also have jobs like doctors, scientists, programmers and chefs! Now, go forth and use these emojis the way Shonda Rhimes would want you to.