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    Woman Crush Month

    Woman Crush Month – Zoella

    Artwork by Chloe Bruderer

    Woman Crush Month is a month-long series by the girls of She Did What She Wanted
    in celebration of Women’s History Month.

    By Majelle Legros

    Turning on a video camera, sitting on a bed and having conversations with a lens all sounds a little well— weird.

    But it’s Zoella who made me feel like it’s something worthwhile.

    More than worthwhile, she made it seem like a (really, really cool) career.

    When Zoe Sugg started making videos in her tiny bedroom in England she had no idea what it would result in. But fast forward years later and here she is: a 26 year old with almost twelve million YouTube subscribers, an internationally known author of Girl Online, an entrepreneur with her own name brand beauty line, and recently she established a clothing line called ‘Sugg Life’ to top it off. And all the while she somehow remains to be the cute girl next door you want to be friends with.

    That’s why Zoe Sugg is my woman crush.

    First of all, she inspires me to no end because with her there is no end. Everyday she uses her influence and platform to create and encourage others to do the same. For me, she makes me realize how close I am to all my dreams because of just how normal she is. That all it takes is a lot of effort, some creativity and your voice. She makes being a Youtuber a profession that is not only profitable, but worthwhile too. And when this young girl started out, making money off Youtube wasn’t even a thing! She grew to be a part of this new global market. And how did she manage to make such an impact? Because of how real she lets herself be on social media. She lets others recognize that what she’s doing is very doable too. While social media tends to add a certain glamour to life, Zoella proves that not all of that is needed to be successful. And moreover, she is constantly creating (absolutely amazing) content while still just being adorable.

    But let’s not forget the second reason she’s my crush: she openly deals with her anxiety. During one of her Vlogmas vlogs Zoe openly said she was about to go and talk on the phone with her counselor, normalizing her mental health journey. It not only surprised me that she could be so open about that, but to be so open when you have millions of people watching.

    She’s the role model young girls need without even trying. She enforces self love and wants everyone to “Be the best version of you.” Seriously, I don’t know how you could not love Zoella.

    Then last but not least, she is addicting. I mean, the fact that I’m aware of how doing my makeup takes exactly a Zoella vlog shows how addicting she is. Her hauls comes in all sorts of varieties, like stationary and beauty products. Her lookbooks embody everything about how dressing the way you want to can still be adorable. And her relationship with Alfie Days would take a whole other article to write about how perfect it is. She kicks butt on the covers of various magazines too. Seriously, when it comes to fangirling you can count me on the Zoe Sugg train.

    So here I am, thanking Zoe Sugg for inspiring me and thousands of girls like me, for proving that dreams are doable.

    She Did What She Wanted firmly believes there’s nothing better than women empowering other women, so when we found out March is Women’s History Month, we knew we needed to do something special. There are too many amazing women to fit into just thirty one days, but to do our best, we invited our contributors to write about the favorite women in their lives, and Woman Crush Month came to be. #WCM is the ultimate girl power party, and it’s all about women celebrating women and their achievements, and we personally can’t think of anything better than that.