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    Dealing with Stress and Anxiety in High School

    By Jenna Minnig

    It can happen before a big test, during an intense game, or even after a breakup. ANXIETY. This indescribable feeling is different for everybody, but as for myself, I become extremely anxious when I am overwhelmed with school, friends, work, and more. As a high school student, stress often leads to dealing with an excessive amount of anxiety. The ways in which people deal with their stress and anxiety varies, but I am here to share with you how I overcome these feelings.

    In any stressful situation involving school such as a big test or project, I enjoy listening to music to calm myself down. Although this might be a distraction for some, the music tends to take my mind off the anxiety and allows me to focus on my work. I recommend listening to an album or playlist so that you are not constantly choosing a new song. Also, I find that relaxing tunes such as Bon Iver or The Lumineers help me remain focused.

    During times when I am upset about a situation at school or work, I think that working out is the best medicine. If I ever come home from a long day of school, upset about my friends or a terrible grade, I grab my sneakers and go for a run. I usually run for as long as I need to in order to completely clear my mind and begin to feel better. Many people may find other forms of working out to cure their stress, such as biking, walking, or even lifting weights. Running with no destination is my personal favorite remedy.

    Finally, the best (and most difficult) remedy to overcoming stress and anxiety would have to be talking about the situation. I know from personal experience that opening up is not the easiest thing to do. When I say talk it out, I do not mean text it out. This might be the easiest way to communicate with your best friend, but believe me when I say that talking on the phone is much more significant than just texting about something. I believe talking to my mom at night before bed helps me the most; it is much better to talk to someone than to just sleep with anxiety-filled thoughts and feelings.

    High school is a stressful time for all students. We are expected to juggle a thousand things at once, such as grades, sports, friends, family, relationships, extracurricular activities, and more, all the while deciding what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Everyone deserves to enjoy these four years of our lives without constantly living in a state of anxiety. Sometimes it is important to just have a breather and take a break.