SDWSW’s Guide to Glossier

By Hannah Bullion

Here at She Did What She Wanted, we pride ourselves upon keeping up with everything from current events to the latest trends in beauty and fashion. As important it is to understand the current political scape of our country, we also believe it’s just as important to keep up with your personal wants and needs and to indulge in the things that make you feel GOOD. Time and time again, we come back to our favorite beauty brand, Glossier, to do just that—feel GOOD.

Glossier is a cult-favorite beauty brand with an attractive price point and not to mention, their branding is everything we could ask for out of a skin care line. Their products fit seamlessly with our busy lifestyles, whether we’re college students heading from class to internship to class to extracurriculars or rushing from our 9-5 jobs to drinks with friends.

Between all of us at SDWSW, we’ve tried every single Glossier product we could get our hands on. We asked our editors and contributors to fill us in on their favorite Glossier products and how they use them. Read on to learn more about our favorites…

I have the wonderful SDWSW staff to blame for my Glossier addiction. Co-founder Emma is always tweeting about it, Fashion and Beauty Editor Hannah is always posting pictures of her flawless skin, and other co-founder Stina even sent me my first Glossier product – the perfecting skin tint! For a couple of months now, my overall well-being has relied on this skin/makeup brand. I would recommend all of their products, but 3 must-haves are the rose water, coconut lip balm, and serums. First, the coconut Balm Dotcom can be used for your lips or knuckles. I mostly use on my lips and it leaves them feeling and smelling amazing. After that basic purchase, I delved into some skincare products. Hannah recommended the serums, so I bought the Super Pure serum because I am extremely acne prone. I apply a few drops to my face every morning after washing it, and follow with moisturizer. It calms my skin allows for easier makeup application. My latest Glossier purchase is the Soothing Face Mist, aka rosewater. I bought this for my best friend, and she said that it cleared all of her redness after just one use, so of course I had to try it myself. I use this multiple times a day as a skin refresher. Between all of the Glossier products, I’ve seen noticeable change in my complexion and natural skin. I feel so much lighter after my Glossier routine! — Olivia Cardinale, Social Media Editor

Two words: Holy. Grail. Since I picked up my first tube of Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer a year ago, not a single day has passed when I don’t use it. The hyaluronic acid noticeably plumps up my skin and it’s layering power is unprecedented. I use a pretty thick cream at night and then Priming Moisturizer during the day. On days where my skin is bit dryer, I let it soak in and then apply another layer. In terms of priming, I find that it works really well for light weight foundations though I still use a foundation primer for anything particularly creamy or heavy duty. With that said, even on days when I use a heavier moisturizer and a makeup primer I still use Priming Moisturizer as in an between step. It goes a long way in preventing total cake face after a 12-hour work day. — Stina Hunziker, Co-Founder

Personally, my favorite Glossier product is the OG balm dot com. I use it numerous times throughout the day on my lips, cuticles, knuckles, elbows, and everywhere in between! I also use under my concealer for a bit of moisture and to help decrease creasing. I also use the cherry balm dot com for a little red tint, which is especially great during the summer when you’ve got the summer-time glow going on. I also use the cherry balm as a blush when I’m going for a no-makeup-makeup-look! My recent fav is the Generation G in Zip—it’s the most incredible red that’s perfect for an everyday red-lip that’s never too much. But what I love most is the message behind the brand… Glossier celebrates real girls, in real life. Just look at their Instagram, it’s full of naturally beautiful women that use these products to not only look good, but feel good. Not to mention, Girl Boss founder, Emily Weiss, likes every single photo that Glossier is tagged in on the ‘gram… I don’t know about you but I feel totally special when someone as cool as Emily likes my selfies! I promise, try one product from Glossier and you’ll instantly fall in love. — Hannah Bullion, Fashion & Beauty editor

Thanks to Glossier, I’m definitely an advertising firm’s biggest dream – if something is pink, I’ll probably buy it. The brand introduced me to my love for ‘millennial pink,‘ and as someone who jumped at the chance to try the Phase One kit, I’ve been a Glossier girl from the beginning. When I first tried the original Priming Moisturizer, I liked it, but found that it wasn’t enough moisture for my dry skin. Enter Priming Moisturizer Rich, the brand’s latest release – a thick, luxurious cream that can be used at night or under makeup. Double duty products are my dream, so I ordered the cream immediately. Though the lavender scent isn’t my favorite, the cream is definitely #rich, and I love layering it on after my serum and before my sleeping mask at night. I wake up with soft, supple skin, which, in the dead of winter, is basically unheard of for me. If I’m not in a rush, I’ll use it under my makeup, but it does take some time to sink in, so on days that begin with 7:45am classes, this isn’t something I reach for. Still, it’s definitely a necessity in my winter arsenal, and between the cream and Boy Brow, I’m pretty much guaranteed to be a Glossier girl for life. – Emma Benshoff, Co-Founder

If you’re new to Glossier, you’re in luck – use Emma’s rep page to get 20% off your first order and free shipping on any order over $30!

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