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    We Laughed, We Cried, We Drank Coffee: Why We Loved Growing Up Gilmore

    By Alexa Mancilla

    To all of you sad souls who thought you were safe from any mention of Gilmore Girls after its’ revival last month: boy, were you wrong.

    Gilmore Girls is more than just a show; it’s a lifestyle. Anyone who has watched the show can vouch for me when I say that it has become a pivotal part of fans’ lives. We’ve done more than just watch the show; we’ve grown up with the Gilmores. We’ve been there for Rory and Lorelai when they went through breakups, we cried tears of joy with Rory as she graduated as valedictorian of Chilton, as she was accepted to Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, and as she graduated Yale. We lost our minds when Lorelai and Luke finally got together, and when they broke up, our hearts broke with them.

    Now that the revival has been released, and has consequently destroyed us, fans can remember why we loved the show so much. Not only was it funny, heartwarming, and romantic, it was real. I may not have grown up watching the show, (I’m guilty of binge-watching the crap out of every season as soon as it was released on Netflix) but it’s still a huge part of my life.  I saw myself in all of the characters. My love for writing and reading was found in Rory, while my love for all of my supporters and never-failing hard work was found in Lorelei. My coffee obsession and fast-talking demeanor were found in both women. Watching the Stars Hollow crew has helped shape me into the person I am today. Sure, that might sound a bit strange, but it’s true. These characters felt like family to me. They reminded me of my family, my friends, my town.

    Okay, my city wasn’t as small as Stars Hollow, but it still felt familiar.

    Gilmore Girls taught me so much. It taught how wonderful it is to be so close to family members; I am so close to my mother and seeing Rory and Lorelai’s relationship was so special to me. While Lorelai and Emily’s relationship was quite strained, it still taught me that even the most uncomfortable of relationships can be mended (bit by bit) with time and effort. It showed me that hard work and dedication to your craft will always pay off in the end; Rory got accepted to three incredible Ivy League schools, she graduated as valedictorian at Chilton, she was an editor of the Yale Daily News. Lorelai brought up Rory so gracefully, all on her own. She helped get Rory where she is today. She flawlessly ran the incredibly successful Independence Inn, and her dream came true when she opened the beautiful and equally successful Dragonfly Inn. These lovely leading ladies and equally lovely and supportive town and family members became such a big aspect of my life, and I am so incredibly grateful for that.

    Sure, the show had its fair share of cliche moments, but it was an incredibly real show. The relationships explored showed me what I should look for in a relationship: supportive, smart, and entering your life at just the right timeIt showed me that no matter what your dream is, as long as you work as hard as possible, it can come true. It showed me that a little support from loved ones can go a long way, and it showed me that family really is forever.

    Gilmore Girls has done so much for my character, which is really not something I ever thought that I’d say. And yet, here I am, admitting that a fictional TV showed has shaped who I am today. It’s the truth, as odd as it may sound. I am so thankful for this show and for its revival.

    Now, if Netflix would only get its butt in gear and renew A Year in the Life for another season…

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