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    The Heart-Blossom Tree DIY


    By Majelle Legros

    It’s Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day, or Palentine’s Day. No matter which letter you choose to start your word off with, it all covers the same holiday: February 14th. There are hearts everywhere, pink blinds you, cuddly teddy bears fill the aisles, and the expensive kind of chocolates aren’t ignored. And even if you’re not in a relationship, this holiday celebrates the art of love.

    For me, this coming Valentine’s Day is all about self-love, something I’ve only recently realized that I’m lacking. I find my life is controlled by my low self-esteem in almost all areas, my ego is what governs over my daily choices, and the means to combat that is introducing positive love into my life. Creating relationships to temporarily fill the void self-hate has created has caused over-dependency issues, and from that I have found even more resentment in myself. My self-conscious behaviors range from what I wear (if I’m hanging out with a boy, it better be lowkey slutty) to what areas of my life I’ll tell people about.

    So I thought to myself, even if this change isn’t going to happen overnight, introducing positive love into my life ceremoniously will be exemplified this Valentine’s Day. I plan on dressing for me, and instead of spending the night pouring over social media or hoping for a text from someone, I am going to take a bubble bath. I’m going to drink wine in my bath, accompanied by a good book. Though I work that day, I am going to spend what time I have alone romanticizing myself and dating myself first. It’s so important to date yourself first, because later on, when you’re ready to date again, you’ll feel so much love, in yourself and in your significant other.

    But here I am, turning the intro to my DIY into a life lesson. I bet you’re all waiting for the fun part, aren’t you? Well, here goes nothing.

    The supplies:


    I was so pleasantly surprised that I was able to do all of this for free. I have quite the extensive craft supplies collection, being not only a person who can’t control themselves at Michael’s, but someone who crafts when they’re bored. (Quote I liked today: “If you’re bored, you’re simply not paying attention to the world.”) The vase I had kicking around from my last IKEA trip (but shit, it was .99 cents), waiting to be crafted.

    • Twigs
    • Scissors
    • Glue (gun preferably, but since I lost both of mine, I know firsthand a glue stick works too!)
    • Ribbon
    • Pink card stock paper
    • Vase

    Step 1:
    Gather the sticks. The twigs I wrestled from a tree in my backyard — keep in mind there was thigh-deep snow between the tree and I. But coolest thing ever — attached to the tree I found wild animal fur! Black and long and probably a fisher? Anyway, please feel the need to just use twigs from outside! They’re free, and if you find them off the ground, the tree won’t have to lament its limbs later. Now gather the rest of the supplies.

    Step 2:
    Cut out your hearts. I just cut mine randomly into a pile. I cut up an entire sheet of paper, but found they weren’t all use. But hey- now I have a lil pile of confetti hearts waiting for a rainy day. If you want to cut the uniformly by all means, you do you.


    Step 3:
    Trim the branches. My tree has an abundance of branches and I felt like it was too much, so I trimmed it up and took away its frizz. All of this is random, so go by your gut; choose two branches per some, leave more for others.


    Step 4:
    Glue the back of the hearts, and add a lot of glue (don’t be afraid to be generous, like in my photo) onto the twig. Space them out whichever way you like, but I recommend doing about two per branch. Frequently look at the big picture to decide on where you wish to place your heart next. Fill up the tree with your blossoms.



    Step 5:
    Add a bow. Google how to tie a pretty bow (as you can evidently tell I did not).


    And ta-da! There it is, in all of its pink glory. Crafting helps create self-love as it gives you a creative outlet and purpose. So if you’re feeling off tonight, maybe you should give this a try.