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    Perfecting Your Planner

    By Olivia Cardinale

    As a first year college student, my best friend is my agenda. I’ve been at school for a month and already I have a job, I’m involved in four campus clubs, and don’t even get me started on the amount of schoolwork I have. Keeping everything together can be kinda crazy, so I use the 17 month classic agenda in Abstract. It’s equipped with everything I need – from stickers, inspirational quotes, pages for notes, quirky holidays, and an overall cute aesthetic that keeps me sane. 

    Color Coding


    I’m big on color coding, so I’ve broken up my responsibilities into 8 separate categories. This way, I don’t mix up homework with actual work, etc. Also, having a multitude of colors on the pages makes it look better!



    White space anywhere on the page drives me crazy. I fill in extra space with the stickers that come with the planner as well as fun washi tape! After planning out my events for the week, I get really stressed about all of the upcoming work I have to do. Decorating my agenda is a great way to relieve stress and express my creativity!

    Our favorite places to get planner decor include A Beautiful Mess’s Happy Mail, Studio Calico, and Michael’s Craft Store!

    Not everyone will use a planner in the same way, so we asked the SDWSW contributors for their organization tips!

    “I literally writing down EVERYTHING– from due dates and homework to where i’m going out at night,” – Allison Fargo, SDWSW Contributor

    “Evernote is a really good organizational app! It helped me in undergrad, especially because I didn’t like carrying around a planner.” – Anna Bailey, Current Events Editor

    I bullet journal fairly regularly! I don’t have a lot to keep track of most of the time (but a lot at other times) and it’s so flexible which is just what I need!” – Kelsey Marie, SDWSW Contributor

    And of course, my number one tip? Post it notes everywhere.

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