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    How To Travel Smart


    Artwork by Kristen Barnhart

    By Jordann Marinelli

    In my life I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel a lot. With a mom who works for an airline, and a never-ending desire to wander, I find myself in the airport very often.  I jokingly call Newark airport my second home because of all the flights I take that connect through there. In all of my time spent traveling I have picked up a few tricks that make my trips run smoothly.

    Make a list of what you want to pack– pack smart and write down the things that you will absolutely need. When you have packed the item, cross it off so you know you have it. This is so helpful and you’ll never forget something important again!

    Pack outfits not individual items- When packing, make sure you pack an outfit for each day and not just individual pieces. This way you can avoid over-packing and arriving at your destination to find that you have a bunch of pieces that don’t work together. My mom once packed my brother seven shirts and one pair of shorts when we went to Arkansas on a trip when we were young. We were in such a rural area that the only place we could buy clothing was a Dollar General. Don’t be the person who has to buy shorts from a Dollar General.

    Give yourself time- If you are going to an airport, make sure you have ample time. Allow yourself an hour before boarding time (usually 30 minutes before departure) to get through security. If you’re traveling international make it two hours, and if you are checking a bag, give yourself an extra thirty minutes.

    Separate your liquids- If you’re traveling with a carryon make sure your liquids are 3.4 fl oz. or less. Also, have them ready to go in a clear ziplock bag so you can easily take them out when going through security. Don’t be the person who holds up the line because you have to separate your liquids in the security line.

    Have your ID ready to go- You’re going to need your ID at multiple times during the airport process. Have your id out, maybe in your pocket or somewhere else that’s easily accessible so you don’t fumble around for it and hold up the line.

    With these 5 easy steps, your airport travel will be easy and painless for you and everyone around you.

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