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The Truth About Guy Best Friends

By Rafy Evans

Two of my closest friends in the entire world I met late in high school. Meeting someone late in high school wasn’t a usual occurrence where I was from, since most of us had been going to school with each other since kindergarten, but nonetheless, a pair of best friends entered my life at the beginning of my senior year.

When I first came across the dynamic duo, I was in second period astronomy class where one was my classmate and the other was my teacher’s student-assistant. They were arguably the nicest guys in the senior class — everyone knew them, everyone loved them.

Friendship buds quickly between guys and girls, regardless of what the entire world assumes. It really is easy to be friends with the opposite sex, and it is definitely possible to form friendships without feelings. Although it can be said that at some point in friendships between girls and guys, feelings do happen, the way you approach that is your choice, if it happens at all, and I can say that it’s rewarding in both ways.

But the relationships I have formed with both of them are unexplainable, and cannot be mirrored by any relationship I have with my long-time friends who are girls.

They are outspoken and they tell it to me straight. They give me an insider-guy perspective on all my potential love interests, and they always keep the fragility of my heart in mind. They give me giant bear hugs when I need them most. And though thousands of miles separate us now, they answer my phone calls on my way home from work or send me texts just to see how my classes went for the day.

But they’re teenage guys, occasionally gross and inappropriate, but funny nevertheless. They’ve made me realize I’m at a point in my life where I should not care what others think of me, and I owe them big time for that.

The dynamic is interesting because they’re more educated on feminism than most guys are, and I keep updated in sports through our conversations. We balance each other out, and isn’t that part of what equality is all about? We’re not polar opposites like the world wants us to believe. We are all genuinely interested in a multitude of the same things and every conversation feels comfortable regardless of the topic. There’s no tricky “girl code” or “guy code” to try to follow, simply the code of being a decent human being.

I’m an advocate for girl-guy friendships. There’s more to us that just girlfriend material, and there’s more to them than just a guy on our arm. They tell you they love you and it’s never awkward, which is something that most people used to panic over. But in reality, they say it because they really do love you, just not in a romantic way. Think of it in the way that you tell someone you love them before you hang up the phone, a just-in-case sort of way.

My guys are my own personal life coaches, and have fulfilled that role of guy best friends that every girl dreams of. Just like Lucas and Haley in One Tree Hill or Lizzie and Gordo from Lizzie McGuire. I just got lucky enough to have two wonderful guys in my life.

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