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Woman Crush Month – Reese Witherspoon

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer

Woman Crush Month is a month-long series by the girls of She Did What She Wanted
in celebration of Women’s History Month.

By Kendall Knaak

You know how there’s always that one movie that you own, or have seen a billion times, but the second it comes on TV you have to keep watching it? For me, my movie is Sweet Home Alabama, a classic early 2000s romantic comedy. At this point, I can probably quote the entire movie, but watching the incomparable Reese Witherspoon tackle men and business with her classic Southern charm will never get old for me.

Now, I could sit here and run the gamut of RW movies and what each of them has meant to me – I mean, The Man on the Moon, Legally Blonde and Wild to name a few – but that’s not what makes Reese Witherspoon the ultimate badass babe to me. In fact, it is her support of women and telling stories about women that makes her a perfect candidate for Women Crush Month.

A couple of years ago, I had found myself in a reading rut. I was right on that precipice of young adult and adult books, and I had read a few books in a row that I didn’t enjoy. Then, this post came across my Instagram feed.

About to finish this one! Am I gonna cry?? #page296 #RWBookClub

A post shared by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on Jul 14, 2013 at 4:49pm PDT


To date, that was one of the best books I have ever read. And the best part? The main character was a woman, who had more of a story than simply pining over a man. Thus, my unofficial membership to the #RWBookClub began.

Over the years, I have read books ranging from The Girl on the Train to Luckiest Girl Alive, all at the recommendation of one of Hollywood’s most influential players. Reese’s influence didn’t just end with book recommendations with strong female leads, but it created Pacific Standard, a production company with the sole goal of featuring dynamic women. Proving herself to not only be a powerhouse onscreen, she is also proving to be a strong businesswoman – creating hype for the movies she is playing a role in either in front of the camera or behind it before the script is even written.

Reese told Vanity Fair, “I’m passionate because things have to change. We have to start seeing women as they really are in film. And not just in a movie theater with a tiny budget. We need to see real women’s experience whether it involves domestic violence, whether it involves sexual assault whether it involves motherhood or romance or infidelity or divorce.”

Over the years, I have read every single one of her recommended books, in her quest to share the stories of women, from the lovely to the messy. Some of the most compelling movies over the past few years have been brought to screen because of Reese Witherspoon – think her role as producer on films such as Gone Girl and, of course, her starring role in Wild.

Women using their platform, especially one as prominent as Reese’s, to support other women and their stories is absolutely invaluable, especially in today’s current climate. Nestled into her social media channels between the book recommendations and the set pictures are inspirational quotes and the #MondayMuse posts of influential women throughout time.

So, ladies, let’s support each other, just as Reese Witherspoon would want us to. What, like it’s hard?

She Did What She Wanted firmly believes there’s nothing better than women empowering other women, so when we found out March is Women’s History Month, we knew we needed to do something special. There are too many amazing women to fit into just thirty one days, but to do our best, we invited our contributors to write about the favorite women in their lives, and Woman Crush Month came to be. #WCM is the ultimate girl power party, and it’s all about women celebrating women and their achievements, and we personally can’t think of anything better than that.

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